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Abadon: Guardians Rise

It's 2225, and the Planet of Abadon has finally been united. War among nations has effectively been solved with the One People One World (OPOW) act of 2060.

Any visible threat to world peace that does exist, comes in the form of radical terrorist groups. As it always has. And yet, the growing technological power of the world's United Nations has left Abadon convinced that even these will perish with time. Before now.

After a routine reconnaissance run leaves Abadon's special task force, the Vanguardians, in disarray, multiple unknown threats begin to crop up over the planet. Their sources are unknown although definitely extra-terrestrial, with civilian casualties rising per the minute.

Inspired by the likes of Risk of Rain, Castlevania and Rogue Legacy, players must now set out on a 2D platformed, local co-operative journey as Abadon's best and last line of defence.

Featuring uniquely designed characters, associated roguelite RPG elements and a thrilling narrative of independent story arcs where no two play-through's will be the same, this is Abadon: Guardians Rise.

Now in development for a PC and potential Xbox One release

Soul Samurai Logo

Soul Samurai

A young warrior raised by Samurai finds his dojo under attack. He must use the skills he's been honing his whole life to fend off the infiltrating ninjas.

Use your finger to take direct control over your warrior's weapon. Deflect incoming projectiles, and slash attackers in this arcade game coming to Google Play soon. Google Play

Godsmash: Armageddon Logo

Godsmash: Armageddon

Gods are bored and have decided to bring the armagaddon upon humanity by making a bet on who is the ALL MIGHTY SMASHER!!! Choose your god and reign terror on the world of your enemy with the help of your own Bomb Squad unit and smash away for high scores, XP points and unlockable characters.

Currently only on Google Play

You Can't Escape Logo

You Can't Escape

Go on a fast paced infinite platforming adventure, or at least as far as you can make it! Take one of four characters through an infinite procedurally generated level. Collect coins, save survivors, and charge your character's ability in order to escape 4 different natural (and some not so natural) disasters while avoiding obstacles on the way. Use each character's unique ability to get a higher score and travel as far as you can. It doesn't matter though, because in the end... You Can't Escape!

Currently only on Google Play